What to expect

Step 1. Apply

To access our services you must complete the On-line Consult Request Form and submit it for review by the OODP Program Administrator.


Step 2. We’ll reach out to you

The OODP Program Administrator will contact you within 3 business days to establish the general requirements and firm up the parameters and timeframe for the consultation.


Step 3. Meet your match

You will then be matched with an OODP consultant who will contact you directly to further discuss your needs.


Step 4. Plan to go

Once you have confirmed your requirements for the consultation, the OODP consultant completes an ASO Service Agreement for your final approval and carries out the consultation.


Step 5. How did we do?

Within 1-2 days following the on-site consultation, participants will be emailed an on-line link to our Consult Evaluation form. Please complete it immediately. Evaluation is important. The results help us to improve our services to meet your needs.


Step 6. Measuring our impact

A final evaluation link will be emailed to participants 3-months after the consultation took place. The questions are intended to identify changes made to your work practices or workplace that are a result of the consultation. Please note: Your participation in both evaluation surveys is an OODP requirement.