Organizational development. It's what we do.

The Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP) was established in 1995 as a government response to requests from AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and programs for long-term organizational development resources.


Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to determine their direction with awareness and to foster a culture within HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to take responsibility for their own organizational development.


  1. Facilitate a structure and provide resources which strengthen the capacity of local community-based HIV/AIDS organizations/programs to manage issues of organizational development.
  2. Provide practical opportunities for key leaders of the HIV/AIDS community and/or the not-for-profit sector to share and enhance their skills and experience for the ongoing development and stability of the community-based HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario.


  1. Establish and maintain significant and appropriate participation of people living with HIV/AIDS at all levels of the Program.
  2. Affirm equality issues including sexual orientations, diverse cultures and genders.
  3. Employ a holistic approach that includes all levels of the organization: staff, board, service users and volunteers.
  4. Promote community development.
  5. Function on the understanding that organizational development is an ongoing process that promotes organizational health.
  6. Recognize the diversity of each organization’s mission, location and community.
  7. Acknowledge that organizational development for HIV/AIDS organizations and programs take place within a context of multiple losses.

Service Directory

The work of the OODP begins with and is overseen by the Program Administrator. Direct service delivery is provided by consultants with experience and expertise in HIV/AIDS, organizational development, training and facilitation, as well as sensitivity to the realities of ASOs. Our consultants include people living with HIV/AIDS and come from varied cultural identities reflective of the diversity of communities served by AIDS service organizations and programs.


Our services are customized to meet the organizational development needs of HIV/AIDS funded organizations and programs. Our services are primarily delivered in English and we do have some capacity to work in French. For a more detailed breakdown of our services please use the quick links on the right hand side of this page.


We are funded by the AIDS Bureau, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.